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My GSM Forum is always dedicated to host quality solution and we provided all the best material in past 2 month of dedicated services. My GSM Forum has straight goal to serve gsm community with all high end features and to achieve first rank for boards. My GSM Forum is registered in 16th Aug,2010 , and such in short period we covered all major project agenda and started a delicious web-platform.

From today, we have included blogging features for premium level members and to known people. We didn't apply this to public at the moment to prevent spamming posts, or blogs. Premium members can be anyone from registered members, all you need is to demand blog features in reply of this post [blog]. Blog is all kind of dedicated activity place which doesn't fit into thread system. Like VIP community members who have a lot to say on their daily business or to aware users by informing latest happening in one place, Blog is the perfect solution for them. Blog can be used for writing articles in timely manner in topics like offer from your store, projects you are working on, things you developed products what you wanted to promote etc. Blogs have additional features to earn your advertising revenue like submitting Google Adsense, Private services banners. You can simply include your own HTML based scripts.

Blogs in My GSM Forum has simple platform where you can create your daily talk unlike other micro-blogging website twitter or facebook, Here Community member will attached to your products and your postings. Thus you will have better reputation from single stage and will not require to run after anything else. Your followers will receive daily email alerts, one place details of your work.

Why do you need GSM Blog?

  • Simple GSM Link to your profile and Blog which includes your Profile link, Thread Link, Blog Link, Thread link and also reputation achieved from other members.
  • HTML / Script addition in your posts
  • Members can follow you
  • People can rely when you are regular on blog

Wish you happy blogging

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