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Thread: How to set up your new iPad as a new iPad in iTunes or iCloud (clean install)

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    Default How to set up your new iPad as a new iPad in iTunes or iCloud (clean install)

    set up your new iPad as a new iPad in iTunes or iCloud (clean install)

    Troubleshooting steps for setting up the new iPad as a new iPad with a fresh installation

    Follow this Step by Step Guide
    To set up your iPad as new (basically like doing a first or clean install of your computer):

    1. Choose whether you want to sign in with your Apple ID or create a free Apple ID. If you're not sure what that is, and don't know if you already have one, it can be any of the following: iTunes Store account, , email account, Apple developer account, FaceTime or iMessage account

    2. If this is the first time you've ever used an Apple product or service or just want a new one, you can create an Apple ID.
    3. Enter your Apple ID to login. (Enter your full email address as the username.) Tap the blue Next button to continue. (If you change your mind, you can logout of iCloud, or login under a different account later.)

    4. Agree to the terms and conditions of service by tapping the blue Agree button on the bottom left.

    5. Confirm your agreement by tapping the Agree button.

    6. Choose if you want Setup iCloud. If you're not sure, choose to setup iCloud. The basic service is free and makes your iPad infinitely more usable. Use iCloud.

    7. Choose if you to use iCloud Backup. Again, you really, really do. It keeps all your data safely backed up and let you restore or easily switch to a new or additional iOS devices later. Use iCloud Backup.

    8. Choose if you want to use Find my iPad. Also free, also incredibly useful to track down your iPad if you ever lose it or have it stolen. If in doubt, Use Find my iPad.

    9. Choose if you want to automatically send Diagnostics to Apple. It's anonymous and helps make Apple make better products, but if you're uncomfortable with the idea, choose Don't send.

    10. Wait while iCloud is setup.
    11. Start using your iPad!

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