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Thread: Retired Wizard Story v1.0

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    Default Retired Wizard Story v1.0

    Retired Wizard Story v1.0

    Requirements: 2.1+
    Overview: The farm escape defense!

    The farm escape defense!

    Once I was the greatest wizard in this kingdom.. But I abandoned wealth and honor to live an ordinary life in my hometown.

    Since I came back home, I started raising sheep on a small farm.

    On a boring afternoon, I used a speaking spell to the sheep. Suddenly, the sheep started acting like humans and escaping from the farm. I have to use different magic spells to change them back to their original state before the sheep owner finds out. Otherwise, everyone will find out that I was the greatest wizard of the kingdom and I will not be able to live an ordinary life in my hometown.

    'Stop all the escaping sheep!'
    'The enchanted sheep are coming!'
    'The farm escape defense!'

    [How to play]
    - Using spells and items, stop enchanted sheep from escaping.
    - Normal magic deals damage by touching the target.
    - Continuous magic deals damage by touching and holding the target.
    - Special magic deals damage to all enemies for a period of time.
    - Mana potions, Power-up items, and Freeze items are permanent to use.
    - A mana potion regenerates your mana by 50% of full mana.
    - A power-up item increases the magic power of all spells for a period of time.
    - A freeze item freezes all enemies for a period of time.

    - 10 chapters, 100 stages
    - cute game characters in each chapter.
    - simple and easy control
    - various upgrade systems

    Download ul. to:
    Retired_Wizard_Story_v_1.0.rar (9,04 MB) -

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