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Thread: How to use Siri to maintain a shared shopping list

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    Default How to use Siri to maintain a shared shopping list

    Using Siri to maintain a shared shopping list

    Courtesy of The Early Edition developer Nick Takayama, here's how to setup a shared Reminders list for shopping, and keep it updated via Siri. Hey, relationships are hard enough, so easy, fun, and geeky ways to reduce the friction are always appreciated.

    The Setup

    1. Get an iPhone 4S
    2. Create iCloud account for you and your significant other (or whomever you want to share the list with)
    3. Create an iCloud synced Reminders list called Shopping
    4. Go to and, in the Calendar, share that Shopping list with your significant other's iCloud account

    The Use

    1. Tell Siri to "add donuts to shopping list" (or add whatever you want on the list!)
    2. That's it!

    Adding donuts (or whatever) to your Shopping list automagically shares it to your significant other's list, and checking it off on your list automagically checks it of on the shared list, and Siri makes it super easy to keep adding more stuff as it occurs to you. Sure there are a bunch of apps for that, but if you want Siri to do it for you, this is how to do it for now.

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