There's no second opinion that Samsung's Galaxy S4 is Super Smart phone. Our team noticed S4 is ready to work for longer time without making any hard reset like other android phones. Samsung galaxy s is ofcourse a super speedy phone with a lot of awesome features like motion sensor, blink sensor etc. Though, It might be require to reset your Samsung Galaxy S4 for many reasons like you want to make it fresh, want to give it to some other person or sometime it is also required to make hard reset before sending galaxy to service center.

Here we are going to share you 3 major tips for Samsung Galaxy S4
1) Force power off - When device hangs on any stage and you want to restart it
2) Device Reset - This step can help you to remove all private content from device within menu
3) Hard reset - Sometime it happens when you can't open any menu, you will need this step.

1) How to turn off S4 when it is hanged?
Answer: Simply, Keep your Samsung Power button pressed for almost 10 seconds until you see your device getting off. This means, it will be shutdown in emergency mode. All settings that are not saved will be lost.However this is only step to restart an Samsung Galaxy S4 when it is not responding to your feedback and you are not able to close any apps or sort of issues.

2) How to Soft Reset (Remove all private data?)
It's really a simple thing to remove all personal data such as contacts, photos, videos, notes, pictures and other private information such as messages, notes & email settings. This reset is known as soft reset due to ability to keep your Apps installed even after reset. You will not loose any settings.
  • First of all, take all accessory backup before reset. There is no revert back once you reset S4
  • Go to setting menu and open Accounts Option (In jelly bean firmware only)
  • Go to Backup & Reset Option
  • Here you will see Factory Reset button at the bottom. Just press it and confirm it.
  • It will perform a restart on S4 and it may take upto 5 minutes to get it started automatically. Do not play with device during this period.

3) How to Hard Reset (Format) Samsung Galaxy S4

This method is performed only when you do not have any access to your phone menus or not able to make any changes or hanging with Samsung logo only.Resetting with this option will remove all personal data from device as well installed apps from device memory. Generally this should be used as last option.

  • Make sure battery is charged at least 50% before performing hard reset
  • Remove battery & insert it back but don't start device
  • Press both volume + and Volume - button same time and then press power button
  • Do not release any button until you see recovery screen
  • From recovery option select Wipe Data / Factory reset note, Here you can use volume - button to go up & down in the menu
  • Click on Home button (Bottom Switch) when you selected Wipe Data / Factory Reset option
  • It will perform a step and it may take upto 10 minutes to restart your device.

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