8 th November morning had to be one of the worst morning-mare when a customer found out they chose to remove his balance unknowingly.

Before 2 days ago, he being unaware of my data plan duration getting completed, they charged him 79 rupees, totally fair.

As he needs internet because he runs websites and he needs to interact with users all the time. He used his brother’s cellphone to recharge his phone through online Tata Docomo but their recharge page had some issues so he could not recharge his Docomo with their awful recharge system.

So he used another online recharge company, PayTM, the other website he use frequently for recharges. He chose to recharge with 499 Rs/- which offers 500 Rs and 2GB 3G data. Fair deal, right? But hold on, story unfolds in weirdly uneconomic way.

HeI got 441 Rs as balance so he inquired with Docomo and they said, he needed to choose special recharge. What the hell? How can some company set dual standard for a single recharge? And what weird about this 441 Rs balance can be measured by below figures:

Recharge Amount / Balance Amount:

100 / 100

120 / 120

150 / 150

And any other amount more than that, you will get excess balance than the actual amount you recharged with. So why did Tata Docomo set 441 Rs balance for 499 Rs? Because they knew this was one thing to rip customers off when they hurriedly choose a wrong option. This could be such a small issue for everyone but We are sure company is looting thousands of customers this way and must be earning hell lot of amount and this customer is planning to act legally on it as they are playing with ethics in business.

So he asked them as he didn’t use any balance and he planned to use 3G with Docomo only and he uses his balance for other purposes rarely, so please transfer 441 to 500 Rs that he actually intended to. So, the guy bluntly refused to give him that 3G data. He had to get 3G so he then goes to Paytm website again and recharged with 129 Rs for 3G data for 1GB. and the guy would find something really scary about the company.

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