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Thread: Genie Universal Support (Server Problems, SD Card Content, Ftp-Support...)

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    Default Genie Universal Support (Server Problems, SD Card Content, Ftp-Support...)

    Dear Genie-Universal Users,

    here you will find all information about Support, whatever question or problem you have simply
    contact us via Email or Messenger, we will do our best to help you as soon as we can.
    We decided to make things easier for you, so we are cleaning up the mess, and try to make
    the support forum as transparent as possible. Feel always free to comment and to report,
    feedback is very important to us. At the bottom you will find our Contact.


    Server problems and credits uploading

    • How to upload existing credits from CNT file to the server:

    Run Log.smx - this is in Programs\Scripts in Genie Universal.
    Then run the Logger.exe on your computer and click 'Connect'.
    Then go to 'Options'. Put user name 'your box SN'.
    Then put password - the password should be long enough for the logger to accept it.
    Then click 'Upload Credits'.

    The Logger screen will look similar to this:

    Nokia BB5 RPL Logger for Genie V
    Waiting Genie...Found.
    Reading data...Done.
    Script v, Genie SN: xxxxxx, OS v
    Upload credits to Server...Error6: 6

    Except it will be your SN
    Now in Logger folder you will have the bin file.
    The name will be 'your-box-SN.bin'

    Send it to my email - [email protected]
    • Errors from server:

    Here are explained the 2 common errors you will get from our server.

    Error5 - Server is offline
    Error6 - Your account has less credits than the application requires.
    Your account has 0 credits.
    You have put wrong password.
    If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me via private message or email.
    It would be appreciated if you provide user name in correspondence.

    Best regards


    Request of SD Card Content

    You lost your SD CARD CONTENT for any reason.
    Just send us an email with your Serial Number to [email protected]
    We will sent you the content as soon as possible back.

    Procedure how to put CONTENT on SD CARD:
    1. Put SD Card into external Reader/Writer
    2. Format your SD-CARD FAT32
    3. Extract the Content from the .zip file to SD-Card
    (best to extract with winzip or such program directly to SD Card)
    4. Put SD Card back to Genie, thats it



    The Genie Universal Ftp Support Server is up again, its got a new face, and we are working permanently to keep you up to date with flashfiles and softwares!

    You will need to run Genie in FLS5 Mode for access the Server for the first time.

    1. Install Fls5 Drivers from here
    2. Go to: Menu->Programs->Nokia->Fls5.exe
    3. Download Genie FTP Support Tool here
    4. Run Support Tool, the browser will open, and you will see Registration Form
    5. Complete Registration Form, Confirm via your Email
    6. Box is registered and you are ready to use Support Server for Flashfiles in 2 ways
    a) login with connected Genie-Clip runninng FLS5.exe
    b) login with username/password you created on registration

    Your Serial Number will be displayed automatically, all other fields are required.

    On the main page you will have a 3 navigation points:
    1. Downloads - You know what its for
    2. Support - here you can write if you not find the file you are looking for
    or if there are any problems, looks like this:

    You can select: Missing Installer, Installer not working or other from the dropdown,
    so you can describe your problem, and we will help as fast as we can

    3. Logout

    Note: Standard setting on Server is 5 Downloads for 24 hours, if your personal need requires more, let me know
    and i will set it up to a higher value.

    I wish you all the best, we will work further on the server, to make your
    work even more easy as it is with this great product!

    best Regards

    ps. you can report us here some results if you like, feedback is always important to us!


    Sonork: 100.28016
    ICQ: 18034868
    MSN: x33x2[at]
    SKYPE: davor74
    EMAIL: support[at]


    SONORK: 100.80727
    ICQ: 452094457
    MSN: luncifer[at]
    SKYPE: siro23
    EMAIL: support[at]

    Bilal Shah
    SONORK: 100.1577994
    ICQ: 589548486
    MSN: mobile_smoker[at]
    SKYPE: mobile_smoker
    EMAIL: support[at]

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