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Thread: Mobile Number Portability Guide And FAQ

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    Default Mobile Number Portability Guide And FAQ

    Q1. What is Mobile Number Portability as of now?
    Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the facility for users to switch to a new Mobile Service Provider in the same Licensed Service Area (LSA), while retaining their existing mobile number, SIM card and all services on the mobile connection will change and will be provided by the new Service Provider.

    Q2. How can you benefit from MNP?
    The main benefit of MNP is freedom of choice and the competition that it generates. Now, you are free to choose a Mobile Service Provider without having to change to a new number. This means you can avoid the inconvenience of having to notify friends and associates that you have changed your Number.

    Q3. What is porting?
    ‘Porting’ is the act of switching to a new Mobile Service Provider within the same LSA without changing your mobile number. However only active mobile numbers can port. Thus, do not terminate your current line before porting.

    Q4. Who can port ?
    Any eligible Pre-Paid and Post-Paid (GSM/CDMA) mobile users can port. Eligibility conditions for porting are as follows:-

    • There are no outstanding payments due from the subscriber by way of pending bill or bills, as the case may be, issued as per the normal billing cycle but before the date of application for porting;
    • The porting request has been made after the expiry of a period of ninety days from the date of activation of a new connection or from last porting;
    • No request for change of ownership of the mobile number is under process;
    • The mobile number sought to be ported is not sub-judicial;
    • Porting of the concerned mobile number has been not prohibited by any Court of Law;
    • Subscriber has applied for porting within LSA (Licensed Service Area);
    • The unique porting code mentioned in the porting request matches with the unique porting code allocated by the Donor Operator for the mobile number sought to be ported.
    • The subscriber has complied with exit clause for the present connection;

    Q5. Can I port my number if I am on a pre-paid service?
    Yes, both pre-paid and post-paid customers can request for porting to either pre-paid or post-paid plan with the new Mobile Service Provider. Subscriber who simply requires change in Plan from Post-paid to Pre-paid and vice-versa can do so in a given operator without the process of porting. Porting process is involved only when subscriber desires to change his operator.

    Q6. Can I port my number if I am on a CDMA service?
    Yes, any CDMA/GSM or 3G customers can request for a port to any technology with the new Mobile Service Provider, provided he meets the eligibility conditions stated in Para 4 above.

    Q7. What do you need to consider carefully before you port?

    • Check if you meet the eligibility conditions stated in Para 4 above.
    • If you have any overdue bills or have existing contracts with your current Mobile Service Provider, the current Mobile Service Provider will reject your porting request forwarded by the new Mobile Service Provider. In such a case, you will not get refund of the administrative porting fees. Kindly ensure that you do not have any bills overdue and you fulfill the exist clause with the existing service provider. Contracts still in place with the new Mobile Service Provider.
    • For Pre-Paid users, you need to know that all existing credit (Talk value and validity) will expire upon porting and not be carried to the new Mobile Service Provider. Therefore, you are encouraged to plan accordingly.
    • You need to understand that the services, SMS/MMS coverage (i.e., Networks to which one can send SMS/MMS), Value Added Services, coverage area (i.e. places where on can log on to the mobile network), Call charges and packages offered by the new Mobile Service Provider may differ from your current Mobile Service Provider.
    • Choose wisely the timing of the change. Are you planning to travel outside the LSA/Abroad during the porting process? There may be an impact on roaming if you travel during the porting process.

    Q8. How can I port to a new Mobile Service Provider?
    The steps involved are as follows:

    • You will have to go the new Mobile Service Provider’s Service Centre or Authorized Dealer to request for porting of your Mobile number. Fill in a Service Registration Form and pay the porting fees for processing. (Presently some operators are not charging any fees for porting).
    • The Recipient Operator shall ask the subscriber to send a SMS to Donor operator to request for UPC (Unique Porting Code) using short code
      ‘1900’ from the Mobile number which is sought to be ported.
    • The SMS text for requesting UPC by a subscriber shall be the word ‘PORT’ followed by a space followed by the 10 digit mobile number which is to be ported which shall be case insensitive. (i.e. it can be port or port etc.) (e.g. PORT 98160XXXXX and send it to 1900).
    • Upon receipt of the SMS, the Donor Operator shall forthwith send back a reply SMS containing a Unique Porting Code through an automated system. Subscriber will fill the UPC in the application form for porting.
    • In case the subscriber’s CLI does not match with the 10 digit mobile number. UPC shall not be allotted but a message shall be generated to inform such subscriber that the CLI does not match with the Mobile number.
    • UPC allocated to a subscriber shall be valid for a period of 15 days from the date of request or such time till the number is ported out, whichever is earlier, for all service areas except Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North-East licensed areas the validity for the UPC shall be for a period of 30 days from the date of request or till such time the number is ported out, which ever is earlier, irrespective of number of requests the subscriber makes,
    • You will be issued a new SIM card by the new service provider
    • Upon approval of porting request, the new Mobile Service Provider will inform you the date and time of porting. You are required to change your SIM card at the said time. In case of problem you need to contact the new Service Provider.

    Q9. How long does it take to port to the new Mobile Service Provider?
    The porting process will take at least seven days in all LSAs except NE, Assam & J&K, in these three LSAs porting will take more time.

    Q10. Can I port my number more than once?
    Yes, but you cannot make more than one porting request at a time to different Mobile Service Providers. Also you should fulfill all the eligibility conditions including at least 90 days subscription with your current Mobile Service Provider.

    Q11. Can I decide the date and time at which my number is ported?
    No, you cannot dictate when your number should be ported. It is all automated and upon approval of porting request, the new Mobile Service Provider will inform you the tentative date and time of porting.

    Q12. Before porting, I have to settle all necessary payments with the current provider. However, there will be a period between the final payment day and the porting day. To which provider do I have to pay for the transactions made during the time gap?
    You will have to pay to your previous Mobile Service Provider, and ensure to settle your account with the old service provider. While applying for porting, you need to clear all the bills issued to you till that time. All bills issued subsequent to the porting application also need to be cleared by their due date failing which the connection is liable to be disconnected by the new Service Provider.

    Q13. How much would it cost me to port to a new Mobile Service Provider?
    Depends on Operator.

    Q14. Can I cancel my port request after applying for porting? Will I get a refund?
    Yes, you may cancel your port request with your new Mobile Service Provider within 24 hours of making the port request.

    Q15. Do I get a new SIM card when I change my Mobile Service Provider?
    Yes, the new Mobile Service Provider will give you a new SIM card.

    Q16. Do I need to cancel my existing services before I port to a new Mobile Service Provider?
    No, you do not have to cancel your existing services. Your existing services with the current Mobile Service Provider will automatically be terminated once you have successfully ported to the new Mobile Service Provider.

    Q17. Will I still enjoy the same Services during the porting process?
    Yes, you will still enjoy the same Services, except for International Roaming Services, which your current Mobile Service Provider may suspend upon your porting request.

    Q18. After porting, will I enjoy the same services from the new Mobile Service Provider?
    No, you can only port your number and not services. You must re-register for all the value-added services (VAS) that you want to subscribe to with the new Mobile Service Provider. You need to know that the new Mobile Service Provider is not obligated to provide identical services.

    Q19. What should I do, if I have taken a connection under Handset bundling scheme?
    You have two options:
    Option 1. To continue with your existing Mobile Service Provider until your contract expires, then only request for port.
    Option 2. Cancel your existing contract after complying with the exit clause in the contract for its premature termination and then apply for porting.

    Q20.Can my request be rejected by my current Mobile Service Provider?
    Yes, if you do not meet the eligibility criteria for porting.
    Though we expect MNP to mostly benefit the new smaller operators to sharply increase their customer base by migration of customers of other networks into them, the exact result will be out only after sometime of MNP implementation. Anyway, as of now, all Operators have welcomed MNP competitively, with better than the other offers. Most of them have also waived off porting charges as well as new SIM charges.
    Given below is a list of Helpline numbers of various operators for customers wishing to port in to them.
    AIRCEL – 9841098410 (Chennai & RoTN Circles, chargeable) ; 9853198531 (Odisha Circle, chargeable)
    AIRTEL- 1800-103-1111
    BSNL Mobile – 1503 from BSNL mobile/Land line or 18001801503 from non BSNL numbers
    Idea – 1800-27-00000
    LOOP Mobile – 1800-2090-888
    MTNL – Delhi circle 1800-11-1503 ; Mumbai circle 1800-22-1503
    Reliance GSM/CDMA – 1800-100-3333
    TATA Docomo – 1800-266-0000
    TATA Indicom – 1800-266-3366
    Vodafone – 1800-1234567
    So now that freedom has been provided to you, do take advantage of it and choose your favorite operator. We hope that this detailed article will help you to wisely choose he Best operator for yourself !

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