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Thread: jam_gsm from Jamaica is CHEATER

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    Default jam_gsm from Jamaica is CHEATER

    Gregory Philips / Jam_gsm / [email protected] or jamaica GSM
    City: Jamaica

    This is a cheater who call him self a poor vision person and can not work much more from his computer screen. He makes few good transaction and than make 1 or 2 big transaction without paying money. By this way, he gain first seller's faith on him and later he betray him by ignoring him. I personally had many deals with him, but than he tried to make this fraud 2-3 times. And hold some of my payment with following stupid excuses.

    No matter if you want to deal. but be sure to charge him high. He will pay any amount you want cause Hardly few people want to do business with him.

    I am not here to prevent people to make business with him, but be sure to have some decent lies from him.

    1) Someone robbed my shop

    2) Here people are not paying for job

    3) I had to pay bank charges and electricity charges for my shop

    4) I have to go New York for a rockband show (?!!?!???!?) to earn money, than I will pay you brother

    5) I can not see, Sorry brother, will come back later.

    6) I will pay you, 100% brother. But currently please provide me one more HTC code or Setool Account, Than I will take money from customer and will pay you.

    7) Is big recession in Jamaica, I can not have your money brother. please wait for 1-2 day

    8) I will pay you tomorrow (I got this excuse from him almost 400 times and its still not done after 2 years )

    This is a total fraud guy with fake transactions and even on paypal, he is not safe.

    GREGORY Philips

    Yahoo: gregoryflex {Cheater}

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