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Thread: NO cell phones behind the wheel

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    Default NO cell phones behind the wheel

    As often happened to one who was crossing the street and you're left waiting like a fool to see if the car decides to pass or not, and then see who comes very slowly because the idiot had been talking on the phone?
    On the other without saying that driving a car and talking on the phone, you greatly decrease the visual field (because the conversation centered) care (which is equivalent to be driving with a blood alcohol level low).

    How many times I pass a car comes in zig zag because the driver is typing a message as you can because you have a hand on the wheel and the other on the phone? it's crazy! you can run over and killed by a gilada! I had a friend who was writing the postsand I said to crazy shit! Give me the phone and I write.

    So in this we learn:

    -If you are driving and your cell phone rings, it is best to stop at a quiet place and speak or write the message, never the moving car.
    -If you can not stop, pass your cell phone to a companion or if you are alone or directive does not look at the phone until you cando in a quiet place.
    -Using the speakerphone is also dangerous, since the focus is on the conversation.

    I know that many people may disturb this comment, but when I see whole families in these vehicles gives me a lot of thingsbecause you think, okay not afford a car, forgiveness and good but for me it is too irresponsible on the part of parents, because first worse than talking on the phone I think it's not old children put them at least.
    Many times I've fought with people like that because I say what about helmets for your children? and I say, I have no money, I can not buy them and the son of a thousand whores have a blackberry of the bitch, but not for a helmet.
    Sorry if someone finds it offensive but I think that way.

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