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Thread: FractalizeR's JCIDEApplet 1.0 for smartcard developers

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    Default FractalizeR's JCIDEApplet 1.0 for smartcard developers

    JCIDEApplet from FractalizeR is an IDEA's template for developing java applets from a powerful IDE. Why to use Notepad-like solutions and miss such features like:

    JCIDEApplet 1.0 features:

    • One-click .ijc and *.cap files generation.
    • Develop and build your javacard applets on any OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
    • Multi-applet support. Your project can contain any number of applets and all of them are built in a single click.
    • Egate and TOP cards support (in fact, all JC 2.1.2 / 2.2.1-compatible cards like JCOP should be supported). Support for other cards can be added on request.
    • CAP files verification stage to verify applets compatibility
    • Egate CodeShield experimental support (built-in *.cap transformer for on-card bytecode verifier)
    • No Java Card Development Kit dependency (libraries are bundled in the template)

    IDEA IDE features:

    • Realtime code syntax checking
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Refactoring (clever one-step variable/method rename, move and other operations)
    • ... many more

    We provide complete consultancy for creating protection for your Software product , from security design, implementation and after sales remote upgrade of smart cards

    Contact Information for FractilizeR [Tell him about link]
    FractalizeR’s WebSite

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