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Thread: Palm Centro Hard Reset

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    Exclamation Palm Centro Hard Reset

    How to Reset Palm Centro™Smart Device

    Soft Reset

    Performing a soft reset is similar to restarting a computer. If your Centro device is not responding or you’re having trouble synchronizing with your computer, a soft reset may
    help. All your information is retained when you perform a soft reset.

    1. Remove the battery from your device, and then reinsert it.

    Note: The reset begins when you insert the battery and ends when the
    Date & Time Preferences screen appears.

    2. Select Done.

    Replacing the Battery

    Your Centro device comes with a replaceable battery. Be sure to use a battery that is approved by Sprint and that is compatible with your device. Failure to use the proper
    battery may result in personal injury or product damage, and it voids your device warranty.
    1. Press Power/End to turn off the screen.
    2. Gently press down on the Battery Door, and then slide the door downward to remove it from your device.
    3. Place a finger in the notch next to the battery and lift the battery up at a 45-degree angle to remove it from the compartment.
    4. Align the metal contacts on the new battery with the contacts inside the battery compartment.
    5. Insert the new battery into the compartment at a 45-degree angle, pressing it into place. Slide the battery door onto the back of the device until it clicks into place.
    6. Connect your device to the charger or sync cable.
    7. Wait for your device to turn on, and then enable the network time or set the date and time when prompted.

    System Reset

    A system reset, also called a safe or warm reset, can be useful if your device loops or freezes during a soft reset. Performing a system reset allows you to get out of the loop and restores limited functionality to your device in order to uninstall a third-party application that’s causing the problem. Note that after a system reset, you must perform a soft reset to restore full functionality, including the wireless features, to your device.

    1. Remove the battery from your device.
    2. Press and hold Up on the 5-way while reinserting the battery.
    3. When Date & Time Preferences appears, release Up
    4. Delete the third-party application that you suspect is causing the problem.
    5. Perform a soft reset. (The wireless features of your device are not available until you complete this step.)

    Hard Reset

    A hard reset erases all information and third-party software on your Centro device. Never perform a hard reset without first trying a soft reset and a system reset. You can restore previously synchronized information the next time you synchronize.

    A hard reset can tell you if a problem stems from your Centro device or from an application installed on it. If you do not experience the problem after you perform a hard reset, the problem is related to software you installed.

    Important: If you set a password on your device, performing a hard reset reformats your device (the message “Reformatting in progress” is displayed). This is a more severe form of a hard reset, which removes all your information and restores your formats, preferences, and other settings to the factory default settings.

    Note: Some third-party applications do not create a backup on your computer when you synchronize. If you perform a hard reset, you may lose data in these applications and you need to reinstall these applications after the hard reset. Please contact the developer to find out which information is backed up during synchronization.

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