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Thread: Same Number 2 GSM Phones?

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    Default Same Number 2 GSM Phones?

    Hi, I'm in the states and I'd like to be able to use the same number on 2 GSM Phones through T-Mobile, either by means of 2 Sim Cards or 1 and swapping it back and forth...

    Is this at all possible? I've got a HTC HD2 and Dell Streak 7 and would love to do it this way such as a shared Sim Card, the Dell Streak 7 is just a tablet no phone unless it's VoIP...

    But how can I go about doing this? I'd like to do the $50.00 unlimited prepaid way, but they only give ya 1 sim card... I've heard of Rebel Sim II but also saw the user reviews and nightmares, stuck sim cards and what not.

    Thanks for all suggestions and advice!

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    That is SIM Cloning. Complete illegal and No way to get it worked for more than 5 minutes.

    Your SIM card is detected on SIM Operator Network along with IMEI Digit. You can clone your sim card with blank sim card and sim writer but that will cost you more than you ever thought of and after doing that much projection, you can not avail same number on both. Just drop the idea as Operators can not start it even that's a serious crime as mostly ********* and underworld people try to do hack others phone.


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