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Thread: Track your iPhone even when the battery is dead

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    Lightbulb Track your iPhone even when the battery is dead

    In the times, when we can't even imagine a life without smartphone, what if we lose it? Just a moments before, you've talked to someone and updated your statuses and checked few of your meeting schedules and now you're lost. It's like your disconnected personally, professionally from the world.
    Ok, let’s catch our breath. We can still read, and we can still tell the time; but in this digital age, most of us aren’t carrying paperbacks or wearing wristwatches. The point I’m making is, once we lose our iphone or Android, we feel a tidbit lost, and are overcome by this feeling of helplessness that only goes away once the device is found.
    There are many apps available in market to track your devices. But we've found a perfect solution for you.

    Last Alert Pro is the best app on the market for keeping your device safe and sound. Marketed mainly towards parents whose children own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it allows you to set three custom alert intervals for when a battery’s device is low. Unlike iOS notifications, which are silent, the alerts are audible, meaning once the sound is initiated, that iDevice must get to a charger before going flat.

    The feature which distinguishes Last Alert Pro from others is the email alerts which, in the event of a dying battery, will send a notification via email of the device’s last known GPS coordinates. Again, you can base your email notifications at up to three different "low battery" intervals, and, if Last Alert Pro is installed on another iOS device, the location can be tracked through the app itself.

    The app is an awesome idea for those who regularly misplace their phones in their own home and call via their landline to check where the phone is put. But doesn't it happen, the phone being on silent or on vibrate and we're unable to locate it.

    It's available for download $1.99 on iTunes and it's surely a value for money.

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