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Thread: Protestors say, "Wake Up" next to Apple Store

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    Default Protestors say, "Wake Up" next to Apple Store

    Outside an Apple Store in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday afternoon a black bus with the words "WAKE UP" emblazoned on the side pulled up and a gang of some 50 protesters dressed in black poured out brandishing professionally-made signs bearing the Wake Up slogan in white letters on a black background. They converged on the store and began chanting to the startled faces behind its glass walls, "Wake Up! Wake Up!"

    Wake Up is a catch line in a Samsung campaign to promote its Galaxy S III Android phone, which is expected to be launched in London next week. In recent video teases for the new phone, Samsung has also implicitly compared iPhone users to conforming sheep.
    Samsung denied Friday that it had anything to do with the event, which is being characterized by some media outlets as a flash mob. That seems to be a stretch, since the event appeared to be professionally orchestrated and lacked the spontaneity typically associated with flash mobs.
    So far, whoever was responsible for the event isn't stepping forward. Some reports have connected Tongue, a local Australian ad company, to the event. A number of billboards with the Wake Up slogan have been sponsored by that agency which is behind a campaign to promote the S III in Australia.

    Samsung's court battles with Apple over who is stepping on whose patents have been well publicized. Recently, though, it appeared the companies might be ready to sit down and settle their differences, albeit at the order of a federal court judge.Those talks, though, haven't softened the rhetoric between the two firms. This week's protest in Sydney*‑whether Samsung was directly involved in it or not -- and the ads jabbing Apple in the run up to the Galaxy S III show that.
    Even Apple's CEO Tim Cook, not known for his volatility, expressed irritation at the behavior of Samsung and others at an earnings event held by the company this week. "I've always hated litigation, and I continue to hate it," he told analysts at the event. "We just want people to invent their own stuff."

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    Well, this is all very interesting indeed.
    Remember that ‘Wake Up’ advertising campaign that was part of the reason a bus full of people turned up outside an Apple Store in Australia? Remember how the talk of the Internet was that the whole thing was part of a Samsung campaign against Apple? Turns out that might not be entirely accurate.
    See, the countdown timer that was part of the whole campaign doesn’t actually count down to the expected Samsung Galaxy S III announcement, as first thought, according to Macworld.
    Quite what that time is counting down to is still unknown, but all Macworld’s evidence is pointing to someone other than Samsung being behind the whole thing. In fact, Samsung itself has denied any involvement.

    In fact, the real culprits managed to sneak entirely under everyone’s
    collective radars.
    But who would do such a thing?
    How about RIM, or Research In Motion if we are going to use its Sunday name.

    Again, Macworld’s detective work has uncovered some code inside the website associated with the ‘Wake Up’ campaign that is actually a Doubleclick account identifier. Throwing that ID into Google comes up with some hits which are on Research In Motion’s Australian web site. We kid you not.
    Just as interesting, it would also appear that ‘Blunty,’ the person who just so happened to be near the Australian Apple store as the fun unfolded and filmed the whole thing, has worked for RIM in the past. Curiouser and curiouser.
    The real question we find ourselves asking is what does RIM hope to achieve with this offensive and, just as important, what is that counter counting down to?
    We can’t help but think that the Canadians would be better spending their resources on trying to compete with Apple and Google, rather than trying to sling mud on their direction, but maybe that is why we are not in charge of a multinational hardware company!
    That said, the people at the helm of RIM aren’t exactly taking the smartphone world by storm either, are they?

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